Thursday, February 14, 2008

I worked briefly with Jim at Kessler. He was a new resident and I was in my first job out of graduate school. We socialized at work and presented together to clients in the Kessler brain injury program. Yesterday I looked him up on google because I haven't talked to him since my days at Kessler and I wanted to say hello and see where he had ended up working to find out about his untimely death. I no longer live in NJ and haven't worked at Kessler for so long that I hadn't heard. I am absolutely shocked and saddened.

Jim came over for dinner one night and had jogged all the way to my place in Cedar Grove from his place and was soaking wet for our dinner date, it was rather amusing. I also remember he was ALWAYS at Kessler and I would see him often after his cat naps and tease him. Jim was so dedicated to physiatry and learning everything he could. Jim was so full of energy it was unbelievable. He was kindhearted, tender, and an overall wonderful person. Like his old coach said he is exactly what you hope your son grows up to be. He will be missed by every person that ever knew him.

-Jamie Pierce

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