Tuesday, January 22, 2008

“Although my experience with Jim was very limited, his enthusiasm and passion for teaching was unmatched. He was always so approachable and made a truly sincere effort to share his knowledge with you….it never felt like he was trying to outsmart you or prove you wrong. His career, as short as it was, will probably be more remarkable than most. He left an impact on all he came across and he will always be remembered by me as an extraordinary leader.”

Shilpa Rao Kasuganti, MD
PGY4, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

“Jim was always patient, passionate, and willing to teach me (though I am not the most willing student). From taking one-on-one time to help me prepare for a lecture to teaching a bunch of us who just wanted to go home to letting me perform injections when it was "his" injection to do. I want to thank him posthumously for giving us all a role model to aspire to be. His loss is felt by not only us who knew him (however briefly) but by those who will never get to interact with him.”

Cherina Cyborski, MD
PGY4, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

“I was so saddened to hear about Jim's death. It really puts everything into perspective...
Just a few thoughts on Jim: Intelligent. Thoughtful. Caring. Always ready to help you in any way. He will be missed.”

Joan Le, MD
RIC Grad

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