Tuesday, January 22, 2008

“I'm sitting in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital anesthesia pain clinic, where the news of Jim's death was just today announced to the residents and staff here. Jim spent only a limited amount of time here in this clinic during his fellowship last year, but he clearly had an impact on all that came in contact with him. The anesthesia resident working in clinic today gushes about how much time he spent teaching her a comprehensive physical examination, which she continues to put into practice. People here still talk about his EMG lectures, one year later. His knowledge and enthusiasm were obvious to all. Probably my fondest, and most representative, memories of Jim were his ability to remain calm and laid-back, and take all the time in the world for clinical teaching on a day he was supposed to give a lecture that was only half-finished. I never figured out how, but he always got it all done, the lecture went great... and he maintained his even, smiling disposition the entire time. Somehow, he was the perfect mix of intensity and relaxation all in one.”

Oscar Wille, MD
former RIC resident,
and current pain fellow

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