Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I am not sure that there is anything that I can say about Jim that has not already been said several times over especially through the words of Gary and Gautam and all of those who came to know and love him over the same years that I did the same. Jim and I met first year at NJMS in 1998. We were friendly for the first few years mainly through time at the gym and the occasional class that we both actually attended at the same time. We became closer over the 3rd and 4th years as our interests in PM&R grew and our clinical time overlapped more. When we started residency together that bond grew. While Jim was always faster, stronger and more dedicated, he and I along with Casey, Gary, and Brian spent quite a few hours riding and swimming together. I remember him refueling from my snack drawer, leaving my wife and I with nothing to eat for a a while. I remember him on the bank of some lake in Mountain Lakes, wetsuit on, wading into the sometimes too cold water at a definitely too early an hour. I remember him at our research sessions (we did our senior project together at Kessler) always excited by the turnout and the results. I remember how he was always taking on more than any other two of us could handle. Mostly I remember that through all of the BS that comes with the hoops we all jump through in our chosen profession, there were very few complaints and more smiles on Jim than I have worn on my face in my lifetime. My classmates know that I may have been the most serious and stoic in our class but Jim's smile had a habit of being contagious and it always made those cold swims and late nights at Kessler studying or gathering data that much more enjoyable. I haven't kept in touch with Jim as much as I should have over the last year or so but I miss him already. Rest in Peace."

Kyle Stier, MD

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