Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I first met Jim when I was a third year medical student and he was the Medicine intern. It was the first clerkship in medical school that I actually enjoyed. Not only did he not get annoyed at my stupid questions, he welcomed them. He also took time out of his busy schedule every afternoon to do some teaching. I am sure that many nights he went home much later than he needed to as a result. I certainly wasn't the only one who noticed his selflessness. He won the school-wide teaching award that year.

I encountered Jim again when I entered PM&R residency at NJMS/Kessler where he was a senior resident. It did not take long to realize that he was going to have a significant role in my class' education. I doubt there will be a day that goes by over the rest of our lives that we are not reminded of Jim's contribution to our education in some way. Be it this morning's knee lecture where I was reminded that he was the first one to teach me about patellofemoral syndrome, or this afternoon's EMG where I was reminded that Jim basically laid the groundwork for my entire EMG knowledge, Jim's contributions are everywhere.

I am attaching this picture of Jim completing the ironman because it is a great example of his boundless energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude. He was an amazing individual who contributed so much in such a short period of time. I feel fortunate to have known him."

Stacey Miller
PGY-4 NJMS/Kessler Program

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