Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Gautam, You pointed out that what I remembered was a "true Jim moment" so here goesWe got to see Jim often when you both would meet at at our home and one dayHarish and I had come home and saw you both standing in the kitchen talking earnestlyas you always did and Jim turned to us and said "Oh I didn't know that you weresleeping" and I burst out in my goofy laugh because we had just returned from a fancy wedding in Brooklyn and I was as dressed up in all my finery as I could.Anyway I cannot get over the shock of Jim's death!Jim was so alive and active and young that It is unbelievable!I cannot convey how difficult it is to imagine that he is no longer alive!He was so sincere and sweet and kind and affectionate and would just drop in and sit down to chat with us old fogies as if he had come to be with usHe was like a member of our family and amazed us with his multiple interests and enjoyment of life!He would sit down at our dining table and enjoy whatever was on the table and try to eat it Indian style!I've always loved anyone who will eat heartily with us and Jim was one such soul!God bless him and give him peace and comfort to his family and all those who are experiencing his loss!"
Mayamaya Malhotra
Mother of Dr. Gautam Malhotra
"Jim came one day. He was preparing to to give a talk to the residents on brachial plexus. He needed access to a acomputer, printer, scanner and different colored ink pens. He asked me if he could use them. For two hours he prepared those materials. I hung around him to help him. He worked with unwavering attention.I asked him if he would like to write some "tips for back pain", far a Journal called Neuro Psychiatry Reviews. I told him there was honorarium of $200 for him. Jim started working on the paper immediately until it was fully finished. He would come in a basement and for an hour keep on pounding on the drums to learn them, because that's what his joy was. He was tenacious, persistent and without a drop of laziness in his bones. Out of all of Gautam's friends, he was one of the special one for us. We've always remembered him. God bless his soul."
Harish Malhotra
Father of Dr. Gautam Malhotra

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