Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He took in all of my advice but was very careful not to let any of the negative aspects of it slow him down. I remember being amazed at how diplomatically he could get me to do things without my knowledge of it at the time for example, it is well known that I am physically quite lazy. But somehow he got me to help him move out of his apartment with two other people who clearly were not averse to physical activity. I still can’t believe that happened in retrospect.

I remember one day when we were studying in my parents basement and he sat down at my drum kit. He started to play something that caught my attention. He had played percussion in his middle school band. I immediately saw the potential rock drummer in him. By treating rock drumming as a math problem, I was able to teach him enough to play a few songs at the program's graduation party. He attacked this task with the same intensity, drive, and comprehensiveness that he did everything else. No one could believe that he was holding his own on a stage with a bunch of musicians with years of experience.