Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Thanks, Jim. Thanks for teaching us more about hard work, desire, perseverance, and dedication than we could ever teach you. Thanks, for being a great doctor, a great physiatrist and a great person. Thanks, for taking time to always help any of us with whatever we needed ( especially riding your bike across Kansas and Missouri with me). Thanks for being a great friend and colleague who would always share your ideas and knowledge with us. Thanks for being such a great eater and sharing hundreds of meals with us. Thanks for finishing whatever we didn’t finish. Thanks for pushing us all to walk more steps to keep up with you. Thanks for sharing your passion for life. Thanks for so many things, but thanks most for making our lives more fulfilled and enriched because you were our friend and we will never forget you. Your spirit will always be with us. Thanks for making a difference in this world."


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