Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"It feels like just yesterday that Jim, Gary, Scott, Marla and I were having a few beers in Boston during the AAPM&R conference. Jim embodies so many noble qualities… a loving, dedicated, caring, driven, intelligent, and generous human being. You could not help but be a better, more thoughtful person in his presence. He never gave anyone he came into contact with less than 100% undivided attention. Most of us who knew Jim would agree that he made you feel like you were the only other individual within a mile of your conversation. His family, friends, the field of PM&R, and the world will miss such a genuine role-model.
On a lighthearted note, many of us would kid him about having the best "glutes" on a man you'd ever see. He would usually respond with a musculoskeletal, physiatric rationale about their function.

He will be sorely missed as a good friend, and fellow colleague. May God bless and keep you always."

Hector Lopez RIC Grad '07

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