Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I appreciate how many residents have related how they have been taught by Jim over these past few years. I think I speak for many when I say he also taught those who were suppose to be teaching him. One day during his fellowship last year at RIC, when he was probably suppose to be doing ten other things, I casually commented to Jim how I would like to learn more about ultrasound imaging of the hip and thigh. The next thing I knew, Jim was face down on a table in the ultrasound room wearing a skimpy pair of running shorts (one's he probably ran ten miles in earlier that morning) with his face planted in a Netter anatomy textbook. Over the next hour and a half, Jim guided me and the ultrasound probe around his muscular tree-trunk of a leg so that I could get a better handle on how to do this crazy thing. When we were done, Jim had ultrasound gel dripping from his infamous gluteus maximus muscle literally down to his ankles. I th ought to myself "Boy this guy really has a passion for learning." But I also thought (as I'm sure he did as well) that he and I would really have alot of explaining to do if anyone (especially his girlfriend or my wife) walked in the room at that moment and turned the lights on. When we were done, Jim jumped up, put his pants on (I think without even wiping all the gel off) and asked "COULD I TEACH HIM ANYTHING ELSE?" No -- thanks for teaching ME my friend Jim and thanks for making me laugh when we were together.My heart-felt prayers and deepest sympathies for you and your loving friends and family."

Paul [Paul Lento MD, Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center]

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