Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He was truly fearless. To call him a gentle soul would be a mischaracterization. He had a gentle aura which contrasted his aggressive physique and assertive ambition. We had very different backgrounds and aesthetics yet he was able to see beyond those things when dealing with me. In that way I was able to gain a strong friendship in my life.

Jim and I were very close for two years. This is the kind of closeness that one rarely finds in adulthood... it's the kind that requires many hours a week spent in the same room, with the same goals, and the same urgency to achieve them. People knew this. One friend joked when he saw our new house "which of these is Jim's bedroom?" I enjoy the guilty vice of taunting my friends to the point of aggravation. Jim never let this get to him. There was only one time that I was really able to get under his skin but I can't count it as a victory because we later found out that he was severely hypoglycemic at that moment.

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