Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"What a tragic loss. Here was a young doctor who had committed his professional career to helping patients with spine disorders, only to have his own life end so early from a spinal injury. Dr. Jim McLean was here with us at UMDNJ: New Jersey Medical School (affiliated with Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation) for both his medical school training and for his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). He consistently went above and beyond the norm when it came to his commitment to medical education. When he graduated from the residency program in 2006, I actually created a new teaching award to recognize his passion and dedication for teaching the other physicians within the residency training program. It's one thing to be singled out and recognized to receive a teaching award like that, but it's yet another thing to actually inspire the award to be created in the first place. That was Jim McLean. He had a thirst for knowledge, a dedication to teaching, and a passion for life. He will be truly missed by his colleagues, his medical professional societies, and no doubt by his patients. I extend my deep sympathies to his family, friends, and all who knew him."

-Patrick Foye, M.D.,

Associate Professor of PM&R at UMDNJ: New Jersey Medical School.

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